Art Foundation

Alan Mette
143 Art and Design Building, 408 East Peabody, Champaign
PH: (217) 333-0855

First Year Curricula for All Art and Design Majors

The School of Art and Design offers bachelor of fine arts degrees in art education, crafts, graphic design, new media, the history of art, industrial design, painting, photography, and sculpture. All major's first-year experience will include courses in drawing, 2D, 3D, and 4D practices. Specialization begins in the second year.

Courses in the history and appreciation of art and certain courses in studio work are open to students from other colleges of the University. A field of concentration in art history is also offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The school occupies studios, computing labs, workshops, classrooms, and offices in several different University buildings.

A portfolio review is required for admission to the School of Art and Design.

Contact: Mark Avery
Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
School Office: 140 Art and Design Building, Champaign, 333-6632, 

Foundation Year for All Art and Design Curricula

ARTF 101Contemporary Issues in Art2
ARTE 101Art, Design, and Society2
ARTH 110Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture3
Drawing Course 13
Course in the 2D Category 23
Course in the 3D Category 33
Course in the 4D Category 43
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
Composition I 54-6
General Education Electives6
Total Hours30-32