Bachelor of Musical Arts in Lyric Theatre, Performance Concentration

In addition to the Music and Lyric Theatre core areas, students who choose the Performance Concentration must also complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of coursework within the concentration. Students may choose a combination of the below courses in consultation with and approval of their advisor.

Required courses
Additional Dance Courses (DANC)4
THEA 270Relationships in Acting I3
an additional acting course3
MUS 468Lyric Studio (Section B)2
Total hours required for concentration12
Suggested Electives for the Performance Concentration
DANC 104Making Dances2
DANC 111Cultural Dance Forms2
DANC 212Musical Theater Dance1
DANC 259Contact Improv for Act/Mus/Dan1
DANC 268Music Theory for Dancers3
KIN 130Analysis of Basic Movement2
MUS 122German Diction1
MUS 123French Diction1
MUS 242Elements of Conducting2
MUS 411Genre Studies in Musicology3
MUS 474Vocal Repertoire I1
MUS 475Vocal Repertoire II1
THEA 110Broadway Musicals3
THEA 220Survey of Theatrical Design3
THEA 360History of Theatre I4
THEA 361History of Theatre II4
Additional Foreign Language