Bachelor of Musical Arts in Lyric Theatre, Creative Concentration

In addition to the Music and Lyric Theatre core areas, students who choose the Creative Concentration must also complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of coursework within the concentration. Students may choose a combination of the below courses in consultation with and approval of their advisor. At least six (6) hours must be taken from the first three (3) courses which deal with the performance of original work. With the other courses, similar type classes may be substituted with the approval of the Lyric Theatre faculty.

Choose a minimum of six (6) hours from the courses below
MUS 468Lyric Studio (Section C)4
DANC 259Contact Improv for Act/Mus/Dan1-4
DANC 424Collaborative Performance2
Choose from these courses to complete the Creative Concentration
MUS 106Beginning Composition2
MUS 206Intermediate Composition2
MUS 209Music, Sound, Technology3
MUS 404Contemp Compos Techniques2
MUS 406Advanced Composition3
MUS 426Orchestration3
MUS 446Songwriting2
DANC 262Choreographic Process I2
THEA 211Introduction to Playwriting3
THEA 212Introduction to Directing3
THEA 220Survey of Theatrical Design3
THEA 410Dramaturgs Workshop3 or 4
THEA 411Playwrights Workshop3
THEA 412Directors Workshop3
THEA 453Introduction to Theatre Sound3
THEA 454Sound Design I3
THEA 455Sound Design II2