Bachelor of Musical Arts in Lyric Theatre

The Bachelor of Musical Arts with a major in Lyric Theatre is an interdisciplinary degree designed for the singer-actor, which incorporates training in dance and theatre in addition to music. This degree requires students to choose one of two Concentrations: Performance (performer) or Creative (director, choreographer, dramaturg, set designer, composer).

The BMA Lyric Theatre curriculum is formed around courses in music, dance, and theatre. Advanced coursework includes a senior project.   This degree requires a minimum of 129 semester hours of credit for graduation.

For admission requirements for the Bachelor of Musical Arts, please see the School of Music’s Admissions website or contact the Music Admissions Office:

Music Admissions Office
School of Music
1114 W. Nevada Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-7899

General Education and College Orientation 

Orientation to Arts at Illinois
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
General Education Requirements
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Humanities and the Arts 16
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s) 23
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Culture(s) 23
Cultural Studies: US Minority Culture(s) 23
Natural Sciences and Technology6
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Quantitative Reasoning I and II6
Foreign Language0-12
Total Hours41-53

Music Core Coursework

Music Theory and Musicianship
MUS 101Music Theory and Practice I2
MUS 102Music Theory and Practice II2
MUS 201Music Theory and Practice III2
MUS 107Musicianship I2
MUS 108Musicianship II2
MUS 207Musicianship III2
MUS 208Musicianship IV1
MUS 110Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect2
MUS 313The History of Music I 13
MUS 314The History of Music II 13
Performance Studies
Ensemble 38
MUS 181Voice8
MUS 172Grp Instr Pno for Mus Major I 42
MUS 173Grp Instr Pno for Mus Maj II 42
MUS 454Advanced Keyboard Skills I 42
Total Hours 539-41

Lyric Theatre Core Coursework

MUS 121Italian Diction1
MUS 125English Diction and Dialects1
MUS 422Musical Theatre Repertoire2
MUS 467Lyric Theatre Voice8
MUS 468Lyric Studio (Section A)8
MUS 472Senior Project Showcase2
ITAL 101Elementary Italian I4
DANC 101
DANC 102
Modern Dance I
and Modern Dance II (or DANC 107 & DANC 108: Ballet I and II)
DANC 209Lyric Theatre Dance2
THEA 100Practicum I2
THEA 170Fundamentals of Acting I3
THEA 175Fundamentals of Acting II3
One Somatics class required from the below courses1
Introduction to Somatics
Yoga Fundamentals
Alexander Tech for Dancers
Alexander Technique Practicum
Total Hours41

BMA in Lyric Theatre Concentrations

In addition to the Music and Lyric Theatre core areas, students choose one of two Concentrations (Creative or Performance). Courses will be determined in consultation with and approval of their advisor. Students must complete a minimum of 12 hours of coursework in their area of concentration.

Performance Concentration
Creative Concentration