Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching

College of Education

Director of Teacher Education: Chris Span

142 Education Building, 1310 South Sixth, Champaign, (217) 333-2800

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Academic Adviser:  Steven Cox

Admissions Information:  las-teach@illinois.edu

2002 Lincoln Hall, 702 S. Wright Street, Urbana

This minor is a component of the teaching option within the following Science and Letters majors: biology, chemistry, English, geology, history, mathematics, and physics. Enrollment is limited to candidates in these options. Students are admitted into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' major of interest and apply to enter the minor in their sophomore year.  

Transfer into the teaching option within a major can be made only by students who have received approval to complete the minor in education. Approval for admission to the minor in education is gained by successful application to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education, upon recommendation by the joint Education/LAS content area admissions committees. State law mandates passing an Illinois-approved test of basic skills before student teaching.  The Illinois test of basic skills options include the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or an ACT/SAT score that meets specific criteria.

Prerequisites for the minor: Students must be in good academic standing; and have a minimum content, UIUC, and cumulative GPA of 2.5. Additionally, each major stipulates prerequisite courses that must be completed before admission to the teaching option. Interested students should see the academic advisers in the major or the LAS Secondary Education Program Adviser for further information.

Most students will be able to complete all the prerequisite courses for transfer into the teaching option of their major by the spring of their sophomore year; those students may be able to complete the requirements for the bachelor's degree in LAS, as well as the minor in education and all other requirements for teacher licensure in four years (five years for biology majors). Students who establish eligibility to transfer into the teaching option of their major in the spring of their junior year may need more time to satisfy the requirements for teacher licensure.

In order to be recommended for licensure, candidates are required to maintain UIUC, cumulative, content area, and professional education grade point averages of 2.5 (A=4.0). candidates in teaching licensure programs must maintain a C or better in ALL content and professional education coursework. Candidates should consult their adviser or the Council on Teacher Education for the list of courses used to compute these grade point averages.

Licensure requirements are subject to change without notice as a result of new mandates from the Illinois State Board of Education or the Illinois General Assembly.

Professional Education Required Courses
EDUC 201Identity and Difference in Education 13
EDUC 202Social Justice, School & Society 13
CI 401Introductory Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CI 403Teaching a Diverse High School Student Population3
CI 404Teaching and Assessing Secondary School Students3
CI 473Disciplinary Literacy3
EPSY 201Educational Psychology 1, 23
EPSY 485Assessing Student Performance3
SPED 405Gen Educator's Role in SPED3
EDPR 442Educational Practice in Secondary Education12
Total Hours39-40