Speech and Hearing Science, B.S.

Audiology Concentration

The concentration in Audiology provides explicit background in the theoretical and clinical areas necessary for graduate study.  Students will learn foundational knowledge for understanding human speech, language, swallowing, hearing, and balance processes, with a particular eye toward the implications of differences and disruptions in the communication systems associated with disorders. Although students across any of the concentrations can pursue the graduate study and pre-certification requirements associated with becoming an audiologist or speech-language pathologist, these two concentrations are the most closely connected to practical application with opportunities for clinical observation and community engagement.

More information about the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology may be found on the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s web site:  http://www.asha.org.

Concentration for Audiology

SHS 280Communication Neuroscience3
SHS 285 Quantitative Bases in SHS, or an approved substitution 13
SHS 352Hearing Health and Society3
SHS 385 Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders3
SHS 451Aural Rehab Children to Adults (requires senior standing and completion of core classes)3
SHS 475Prepracticum in SHS (requires senior standing and completion of core classes)1 to 2
Students must also take 6 hours from the following specified electives:6
Language & Culture of Deaf Communities
Comm Disability in the Media
Communication and Aging
Research Lab Experience in SHS (Approved for S/U grading only. Must be arranged with individual faculty member.)
Comm Partners & Health
Augmentative & Alt Comm (Requires senior standing and completion of core classes)
NOTE: For those planning on pursuing graduate studies in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology, many graduate programs require 25 clinical observation hours. These should be completed and recorded prior to graduation (some may be completed prior to serving as a clinical participant in the required SHS 475 pre-practicum).
Total Hours22