Leadership Studies Minor

for the Minor in Leadership Studies

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minor email: jsmist@illinois.edu

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college website: College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences 

The minor in Leadership Studies provides instruction in leadership theories and their applications and is open to all undergraduate students who have a minimum 2.0 GPA. The minor requires a total of seventeen or eighteen semester hours: nine hours of required foundation courses, five to six hours of elective context courses, and three hours in a capstone course.

Students should bring the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor form to ACES Academic Programs, 128 Mumford Hall.

LEAD 260Foundations of Leadership3
LEAD 380Leadership in Groups and Teams3
PSYC 245Industrial Org Psych3
LEAD 480Collaborative Leadership3 or 4
Two(2) electives from:5-6
Food and Agribusiness Mgt
Ag Policy & Leadership
International Experience (Leadership Experience to Rome)
Leading People and Effective Communication I
Leading People and Effective Communication II
Comm in Env Social Movements
Leadership Communications
Leadership Ethics & Society: Addressing Contemporary Challenges
Advanced Leadership Studies
Civic Engagement in Wellness
ANSC Leaders & Entrepreneurs
Mgmt and Organizational Beh
Leading Individuals and Teams
Leading Negotiations
Strategies of Persuasion
Learning in Community
Special Topics (Applied Project Management)
Leadership in Health
Journalism Ethics & Diversity
Coaching Strategies
Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management
Leadership and Ethics
Phil of Law and of the State
The US Presidency
Organizational Psych
Leadership in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Emotional Intelligence Skills
Social Entre & Social Change