Human Resources & Industrial Relations, PhD

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Major in Human Resources and Industrial Relations

graduate office: 504 East Armory Avenue

Champaign, IL 61820

on-campus program contact: Becky Barker

phone:(217) 333-1482

The Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary degree, which typically leads to a career in teaching and research, especially at business schools or industrial relations schools. Research-oriented careers outside the academic world are also available. The program can be completed in five years beyond the baccalaureate degree or four years beyond the master's degree. Doctoral students are required to complete 96 graduate hours of credit beyond the baccalaureate degree. Coursework is usually completed in two years. There is a second year paper requirement, one examination that focuses on the candidate's selected area of specialization, and the preliminary and final exams.  Examples of areas of specialization include the effects of technological change on the human resource function; motivation, morale, and job satisfaction; labor-management relations in the public sector; labor markets and employment; and international comparative labor problems. Each student's program of study is chosen in consultation with the Ph.D. Advisory Committee at the School.

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Major in Human Resources and Industrial Relations

LER 542Collective Bargaining4
LER 556Industrial Relations Theory4
LER 557Human Resources Theory4
LER 558Faculty-Student Workshop4
LER 540Labor Economics I4
or LER 541 Labor Economics II
or LER 545 Economics of Human Resources
One year sequence in statistics8
Research Methods8
Micro Research Methods
Individual Topics (Macro - Section X)
Two theory courses in a social science discipline (one macro, one micro)8
Two related courses outside discipline8
LER 599Thesis Seminar (min/max applied toward degree)32-48
Total Hours64

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Masters Degree Required for Admission to PhD? No, but M.S. equivalent hours are required, in addition. Contact department for details
Qualifying Exam Required Yes
Preliminary Exam Required Yes
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense Required Yes
Dissertation Deposit Required Yes
Minimum GPA: 3.0