Psychology: Developmental Psychopathology, PhD

for the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Developmental Psychopathology Concentration

head of department: Nicole Allen (acting Head)

director of graduate studies: Diane Beck

director of admissions committee: Ashley Ramm


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department office: 309 Psychology Building, 603 East Daniel Street, Champaign, IL 61820

phone: (217) 333-2169

This concentration is available to students in the developmental and clinical-community areas within the Psychology PhD program. The field of developmental psychopathology has grown exponentially in the past twenty years to become a major area of interest in the field of Psychology. This concentration will provide specialized training and professional development guidance within the field of developmental psychopathology; provide exposure to multiple theoretical perspectives and research methods that are used across different labs; facilitate opportunities to be involved in research with multiple faculty, broadening the scope of training and allowing for stronger letters of recommendation when entering the job market; facilitate successful job searches in this area of specialization, for which specific certification in the field would be of benefit.  

Students wishing to pursue the concentration should contact the Psychology Graduate Studies Office (  

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Developmental Psychopathology |  Second Language Acquisition & Teacher Education


for the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Developmental Psychopathology Concentration

PSYC 538Intro to Clin-Comm Psych I4
Select one of the following4
Social Development
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Select one of the following4
Best Psych Research Practices
Covar Struct and Factor Models
Advanced Statistical Analysis
Multivar Anlys in Psych and Ed
Hierarchical Linear Models
Advanced Seminar in Educational Psychology 2
Select one of the following4
Proseminar in Psychology 1
Development & Psychopathology
Intro to Clin-Comm Psych IV
Intervention & Assessment 1
Seminar 1
Social-Emotional Development
Advanced Adolescence
Early Adolescent Development
Dissertation Research
PSYC 599Thesis Research 30 to 16