Gender & Women's Studies Minor

for the Graduate Minor in Gender & Women's Studies

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Graduate Degree Programs in Gender & Women's Studies

Gender and Women's Studies Graduate Minor

Queer Studies Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Gender & Women's Studies offers sophisticated training in feminist theory and methodology to graduate students who want to incorporate gender & women's studies into their degree work. Because gender has become a central category of analysis in many disciplines and fields, the graduate minor strengthens students' formal credentials and offers a versatile area of specialization. Please see our website for more information,

The graduate minor in Queer Studies offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in queer theory and methodology as part of their graduate degree work. The graduate minor in queer studies offers students a versatile interdisciplinary framework to complement and strengthen their research and pedagogy in their chosen field of study. Please see our website for more information,


Applicants must be in good standing in a graduate or professional program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Department required a formal application, including a personal statement about how the student’s graduate work and/or research interests intersect with gender and women’s studies. Students must also have signed approval of the graduate director of their program.

for the Graduate Minor in Gender & Women's Studies

GWS 550Feminist Theories & Methods4
GWS 590Topics in GWS4
An additional 400 or 500 level GWS course selected from a list of approved courses maintained in the department office by the GWS advisor. An independent study in GWS may also serve as the additional course.4
Total Hours12