African American Studies Concentration

for the Graduate Concentration in African American Studies

department head: Ronald Bailey

department graduate advisor: Faye V. Harrison

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overview of grad college admissions & requirements:

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department faculty: African American Studies Core Faculty

department office: 1201 West Nevada, Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 333-7781
fax: (217) 244-4809


Those wishing to apply for the concentration must submit three letters of recommendation, as well as a brief personal essay describing their background and career plans and explaining how a concentration in African American Studies enhances their primary program of study. Students must be accepted into the concentration. Students also would be expected to have a faculty member affiliated with the department on their doctoral committee. For admission to the concentration or for more information, please contact DAAS. A student's intent to pursue a graduate concentration must be approved by the student's adviser and graduate program director.

Graduate Programs in African American Studies

African American Studies Concentration

participating programs:

African Studies, MA|Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership, MA|Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership, PhD|Educational Psychology, EdM (not online)|Educational Psychology, MA (not online)|Educational Psychology, MS (not online)|Educational Psychology, PhD (not online)|History, MA|History, PhD|Political Science, MA|Political Science, PhD|Sociology, MA|Sociology, PhD

African American Studies Graduate Minor

for the Graduate Concentration in African American Studies

AFRO 500Core Probs African-Am Studies4
AFRO 597Problems in African-Am Studies4
AFRO 598Res Sem in African-Am Studies4
Elective hours from approved departmental list12
Total Hours24