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for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics

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Informatics, PhD

The Chair of the Governing Committee of the Informatics Ph.D. Program will appoint the supervising committee to approve each student's program of study, which will be called the Advisory Committee (first half of studies) and then the Dissertation Committee (second half of studies). The membership of these committees should remain constant for each half of the student's studies, except in unusual circumstances, but may change when it is constituted for the dissertation. In any case, changes to the supervising committees must be approved by the Chair of the Governing Committee. The supervising committee must contain faculty with expertise in both the Applications area and the Foundations area chosen by the student, including at least four faculty members affiliated with the Informatics Program. The supervising committee will provide each student with a review of his or her progress in the spring of each academic year.


The admissions process will consist of a formal application, specifying experiences, courses, interests, and letters of recommendation. The Informatics PhD Program will admit graduate students who are approved by the Governing committee in conjunction with representatives of the Areas. With the approval of the appropriate committees, students may be admitted to the program with only a Bachelor's degree. They will work with their Advisory Committee to define appropriate courses to fulfill the 32 hours of Masters-level work. If they wish to receive a Masters degree, they will need to apply to a relevant department and meet the department's existing Masters degree requirements. If they already hold a Masters degree approved by the IPP Governing Committee, they will receive graduate credit for 32 hours. All applicants whose native language is not English must provide evidence of English proficiency as required by the Graduate College for admission.

Financial Aid

Fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships (all of which include tuition and partial fee waivers) are awarded on a competitive basis. All applicants, regardless of U.S. citizenship, whose native language is not English and who wish to be considered for teaching assistantships must demonstrate spoken English language proficiency by achieving a minimum score of 24 on the speaking subsection of the TOEFL iBT, or 8 on the speaking subsection of the IELTS. For students who are unable to take the iBT or IELTS, a minimum score of 4CP (conditional pass) must be earned on the English Proficiency Interview test offered on campus. All new teaching assistants are required to participate in the Graduate Academy for College Teaching conducted prior to the start of the semester.

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics

For additional details and requirements refer to the degree requirements, the appropriate department's graduate handbook, and the Graduate College Handbook

INFO 500Orientation Seminar (taken twice: once for 0 hours, once for 1 hour)1
Research Practicum8
Research Practicum (taken twice 4 hrs each)
Applications Courses 2 courses at the 500 level from approved list on Course List tab8
Foundations Courses2 courses at the 500 level from approved list on Course List tab8
INFO 599Thesis Research (32 min applied toward degree)32
Total Hours Entering with Master's Degree64
Students entering without a Master's degree approved by their Advisory Committee will be required to take 32 additional credit hours in 400 and 500 level courses approved by their committee.
Total Hours Entering with approved B.S. degree96

Other Requirements

Other requirements may overlap
Qualifying Exam Required Yes
Preliminary Exam Required Yes
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense Required Yes
Dissertation Deposit Required Yes
Minimum GPA: 2.75