Business Administration

Graduate Concentration in Business Data Analytics

The concentration in Business Data Analytics is designed to develop leaders in various business fields who understand (1) how to leverage data to identify new customer segments and market; (2) how to optimize the supply chain and logistics; and (3) how to collect, manipulate, and visualize data for business decisions. The concentration will develop skills using data as a foundation for sound decision making in business.

The concentration is open to students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Business Administration, and Master of Science in Technology Management programs in the College of Business but required of none.

This concentration requires twelve graduate hours of Business Data Analytics related coursework and completion of an analytics-related project in their Practicum or an equilvalent course. Successful completion of the concentration assumes certain knowledge of business and prior coursework.

Admission to the concentration requires a Graduate Student Request Form submitted to the Department and Graduate College and admission to one of the programs approved for the concentration. Admission is limited, and acceptance is considered based on a student's academic standing and space availability.

Select four hours of course work from each of the three areas below:12
1. Customer
BADM 590 Consumer Analytics
BADM 590 Social Media Analytics
2. Operation and Supply Chain
BADM 590 Predictive Data Analytics
BADM 590 Business Process Improvement
3. Information Systems
Enterprise Database Management
Dec Support and Knowledge Mgt
BADM 590 Data and Visual Analytics
In addition, students pursuing this concentration will be required to select an analytics-related project in their Practicum or an equivalent course.

Course substitutions may be approved by the Department of Business Administration. 

In addition to the concentration requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree.