Business Administration, MBA

Full-Time Option

The Illinois MBA emphasizes co-curricular activities designed to complement classroom experiences while further developing leadership skills, including communications, teamwork, and self-awareness technical training in current computer software, and career services with a focus on internships and permanent placements.

MBA 501
MBA 502
Foundations of Business I
and Foundations of Business II
MBA 503
MBA 504
MBA 505
Prin & Proc of Management I
and Prin & Proc of Management II
and Topics in Management
Area of concentration16
Free electives16
Total Hours72

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Minimum Hours Required Within the College: 56
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 72
It is the expectation that all MBA students will have an internship during the summer
MBA students must enroll on a full-time basis during the fall and spring semesters for the two years of the MBA
Minimum GPA: 2.75