Art and Design

Master of Fine Arts in Art and Design

The degree of Master of Fine Arts in Art and Design is designed to prepare qualified individuals for distinctive achievement in the professional area of their choice. Fields of concentration include Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Metal, Ceramics, and an interdisciplinary Studio which includes concentrations in Painting, Sculpture, and specialization in New Media. A minimum of 64 hours of graduate credit is required for the M.F.A. degree. Individual studio space and specialized resources essential to the acquisition of a high-quality professional education are available to students in all areas of study. The Graphic Design, Photography, Metal, Ceramics, and interdisciplinary Studio which includes Painting, Sculpture, and New Media programs require a graduation exhibition of creative work and a written thesis approved by a thesis committee for deposit in the School of Art and Design's graduate office. The Industrial Design Program requires a graduation exhibition, a written thesis approved by a thesis committee and a thesis deposit in the Graduate College Thesis Office. Admission for all programs is determined by a faculty review of a portfolio of the applicant's creative work, records of previous education and experience, letters of recommendation, and other significant achievements that may be viewed as predictors for success in the program.

All Programs except Industrial Design

Research/Project Hours (min/max applied toward degree) (2 min):2
Total Hours64

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
A concentration is not required in the case of students in the New Media specialization.
Seminar, enrollment varies by program 8 min
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall 12
Minimum GPA 2.75

Master of Fine Arts in Art and Design, concentration in Industrial Design