African American Studies

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Graduate Concentration: African American Studies
Participating Programs:  African Studies (M.A.), Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership (M.A. and Ph.D.), Educational Psychology (all, except online degrees), History (all degrees), Political Science (all degrees), Sociology (all degrees)

Graduate Minor: African American Studies

Graduate Minor in African American Studies

The Department of African American Studies also offers a graduate minor in African American Studies. The minor is designed to complement graduate work in a variety of disciplines. Students wishing to take advantage of the minor must be in good standing, and must apply for acceptance into the minor.

AFRO 500Core Probs African-Am Studies4
Elective hours from approved departmental list, 4 of which must be at the 500 level8
Total Hours12

for the Graduate Concentration in African American Studies

The Department of African American Studies (DAAS) offers an interdisciplinary graduate concentration in African American Studies. This concentration is designed to complement doctoral work in the social sciences or humanities; applicants must demonstrate an interest in African American Studies and be in good standing in one of the following doctoral programs:

Those wishing to apply for the concentration must submit three letters of recommendation, as well as a brief personal essay describing their background and career plans and explaining how a concentration in African American Studies enhances their primary program of study. Students must be accepted into the concentration. Students also would be expected to have a faculty member affiliated with the department on their doctoral committee. For admission to the concentration or for more information, please contact DAAS. A student's intent to pursue a graduate concentration must be approved by the student's adviser and graduate program director.

AFRO 500Core Probs African-Am Studies4
AFRO 597Problems in African-Am Studies4
AFRO 598Res Sem in African-Am Studies4
Elective hours from approved departmental list12
Total Hours24