Accountancy, MAS

The M.A.S. program is a one-year program for students who have completed or are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Each student will select either a Taxation or Audit Option as a primary focus. Each Option (listed below) includes room for graduate electives. By design, the program emphasizes the emerging trend of data analytics in the practice of accounting, with a standard course plan that leads to a graduate concentration in data analytics in accountancy to fulfill the graduate electives. Students have the choice of remaining in the standard course plan or selecting from among the following alternative graduate concentrations to fulfill the graduate elective requirement: finance, corporate governance and international businessinformation technology and control, real estate, and supply chain management. Students who wish to deviate from the standard course plan, but do not wish to pursue a listed graduate concentration, may petition to take other graduate courses of interest subject to approval of an Accountancy Advisor. Admission to a concentration requires application to the Department no later than February 1 for fall admission. Admission to some concentrations may be competitive.  

Taxation Option

ACCY 451Advanced Income Tax Problems 14
or ACCY 410 Advanced Financial Reporting
or ACCY 510 Financial Reporting Standards
ACCY 551Corporate Income Taxation4
ACCY 552Partnership Income Taxation4
ACCY 554International Taxation4
ACCY 556Tax Research4
Graduate Electives12
Total Hours32

Audit Option

ACCY 510Financial Reporting Standards4
ACCY 515Auditing & Assurance Standards4
ACCY 517Financial Statement Analysis4
ACCY 451Advanced Income Tax Problems 14
or ACCY 410 Advanced Financial Reporting
ACCY 511External Risk Measurement and Reporting4
or ACCY 518 Financial Statement Fraud
Graduate Electives12
Total Hours32

1ACCY 451 and ACCY 410 are currently offered for differential credit (3 hours undergraduate or 4 hours graduate credit). Students in the Taxation option that complete both of these courses during the undergraduate timeframe will take ACCY 510 instead.  Students in the Audit Option that complete both ACCY 451 and ACCY 410 for 3 hours of undergraduate credit would either take both ACCY 518 and ACCY 511, or an approved elective. All graduate electives must be approved by an Accountancy Advisor.

Other Requirements2

Other requirements may overlap
All 32 graduate hours must be completed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Minimum GPA: 3.0