Global Challenges in Business Concentration

for the Graduate Concentration in Global Challenges in Business (online)

associate dean: W. Brooke Elliott


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department office: 2302 Fox Drive, Suite D, Champaign, IL 61820

phone: (217) 300-2481

This concentration is available for these programs:

Accountancy, MS (online)

Business Administration, MBA (iMBA)

Management, MS (online)

The Global Challenges in Business Concentration is designed to develop leaders who (1) understand how businesses function in the global marketplace, (2) consider ethical decisions to run a responsible business in the global marketplace, (3) understand the role of business in addressing global challenges such as poverty and the environment, (4) understand how business can pursue opportunities and confront challenges in the complex global marketplace. This concentration will not only provide a strong foundational knowledge of global business challenges, but also provide students multiple opportunities to apply this knowledge via experiential learning opportunities.

Exceptions to the required courses will not be permitted.


Admission to the concentration requires submitting a Curriculum Change Form to the Department and Graduate College and admission to one of the approved programs. Admission is limited, and acceptance is on a competitive basis.

for the Graduate Concentration in Global Challenges in Business (online)

MBA 546Global Business Horizons4
MBA 547Global Marketing4
MBA 548Global Strategy4
Total Hours12