Audiology, AUD

for the degree of Doctor of Audiology in Audiology

department head: Pamela Hadley, Ph.D.

director of graduate studies: Raksha Mudar, Ph.D.

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graduate support: Andrea Paceley

department office: 901 South Sixth Street, Room 103, Champaign, IL 61820

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Graduate Degree Programs in Speech & Hearing Science

Audiology, AuD

Speech & Hearing Science, MA

Speech & Hearing Science, PhD

optional concentration (PhD only):

Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education

Graduate Degree Programs

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Arts, Doctor of Audiology, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, with specialization in various aspects of audiology and speech-language pathology.  The Department of Speech and Hearing Science offers graduate programs of study in speech-language pathology, audiology, and speech, language, and hearing science. The department prepares scientists and professionals who specialize in the study of perception and production of spoken, written, signed, and alternative communication and communication disorders, as well as dysphagia. Graduate degrees are offered at the master's and doctoral levels.


Although a B.A./B.S. in the field is not required for admission to the clinical M.A. or Au.D. programs, recommended background includes undergraduate credit in the following areas or their equivalents: phonetics, anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism, hearing science, speech science, speech pathology, audiology, and aural rehabilitation. The M.A. and Au.D. programs begin in the fall only.

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Graduate Teaching Experience

Although teaching is not a general Graduate College requirement, experience in teaching is considered an important part of the graduate experience in this program.

for the degree of Doctor of Audiology in Audiology

Minimum required major and supporting course work : Didactic coursework requires 77 hours.
Minimum hours required for graduation: 112 hours.

Minimum GPA: 3.0

Didactic Coursework:
SHS 540Psychoacoustics4
SHS 541Clinical Auditory Anat & Phys4
SHS 550Assess Audition & Aud Disorder4
SHS 551Electrophys Indices Audition4 or 5
SHS 552Diag Hear Impair Infants Child4
SHS 553Hearing Aids and Amplification4
SHS 554Advanced Audiological Assess4
SHS 556Sens Prosth Devices Hear Loss4
SHS 558Tinnitus2
SHS 559Hearing Conservation2
SHS 560Audiological Assessment Lab2
SHS 561Medical Audiology4
SHS 563Amplification Lab2
SHS 564Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation4
SHS 570Evidence-Based Practice in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology2
SHS 572Counseling in Comm Disorders2 to 4
SHS 579Prof/Eth/Legal Issues AuD/SLP3
SHS 580Cochlear Implants4
SHS 581Auditory Processing Disorders3
SHS 593Special Problems (Section SS - Systems & Signals)1 to 8
SHS 593Special Problems (Section EA Educational Audiology)1 to 8
SHS 593Special Problems (Section ARI Advanced Aural Rehab)1 to 8
SHS 593Special Problems (Section BPS Business Practice Seminar)1 to 8
Graduate Level Statistics course such as EPSY 580 or PSYC 506
Electives/specialty emphasis12-16
Clinical practica25
SHS 557Advanced Clinical Practicum in Audiological Assessment and Rehabilitation1 to 8
Doctoral/Capstone Project10
SHS 593Special Problems (Capstone Project)1 to 8
Total Hours112

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Masters Degree Required for Admission to AuD? No
Qualifying Exam Required: Yes
Preliminary Exam Required: Yes
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense Required: Yes
Dissertation Deposit Required: No
Minimum GPA: 3.0

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's graduate programs and the Graduate College Handbook.