Organizational & Community Leadership (LEAD)

LEAD Class Schedule


LEAD 140   Harnessing Your Interpersonal Intelligence   credit: 2 Hours.

Students will expand their capacity for communication, collaboration and team leadership to navigate the complexities of the university and beyond. In this course, students will learn communication strategies to work with others and practice self-awareness, self-management, and interpersonal communication skills in a supportive setting to reach their personal potential as emerging leaders. Same as AGED 140. Prerequisite: Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior Standing Required.

LEAD 170   Leading Student Organizations   credit: 2 Hours.

Students will develop their capacity for leadership in university and volunteer organizations. In this course, students will learn about organizational structures, elements of effective organizations, strategies for leading other people, and applications beyond formal student organizations. Same as AGED 170. Prerequisite: Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior Standing Required. Not for Agricultural Leadership Education majors or Leadership Studies minors (for non-majors and non-minors).

LEAD 260   Introduction to Leadership Studies   credit: 3 Hours.

Study of leadership theories and their application to the development of leadership skills. Students develop a personal philosophy of leadership, prepare a development plan for enhancing leadership skills, and begin a portfolio to record their leadership growth. Explores topics concerning diversity, ethics, and leadership/follower roles. Same as AGED 260.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:
Social & Beh Sci - Soc Sci

LEAD 300   Training and Development   credit: 4 Hours.

Students will learn to assess, design, develop, implement, and evaluate a training program in agricultural and non-agricultural industries. Topics will emphasize the theory of training and development, methods of assessing training needs and learning styles, design of effective training, presentation skills, and program evaluation. Different types of training programs will be examined, including orientation, skills training, team building, management development, and diversity training. Students will create and present a training program for an actual client utilizing the training design process. Same as AGED 300. Prerequisite: AGED 280.

LEAD 310   Prof Dev in Leadership Ed   credit: 2 Hours.

Provides agricultural leadership education students with non-formal professional experiences prior to enrollment in the student internship. A minimum of 32 hours of observation and participatory experiences with professionals in extension/outreach, business and industry, political and/or communications/human resources are required for satisfactory completion of this class. Same as AGED 310.

LEAD 340   Leadership Ethics & Society: Addressing Contemporary Challenges   credit: 3 Hours.

Same as AGED 340. See AGED 340.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:
Cultural Studies - US Minority

LEAD 380   Leadership in Groups and Teams   credit: 3 Hours.

Theory and practice of group and team leadership, including leadership assessment, group dynamics, group process, goal-setting, conflict management and resolution, leadership skill development, and case study analyses. Students engage in group activities throughout the semester. Same as AGED 380. Prerequisite: AGED 260 and completion of the General Education Composition I requirement.