Fine and Applied Arts (FAA)

FAA Class Schedule


FAA 101   Arts at Illinois   credit: 1 Hour.

Common Arts experience for FAA freshmen that explores contemporary issues in the arts, cross-disciplinary ingenuity navigating a comprehensive research intensive university, professional practices and exposures to FAA faculty and guest artists through lectures, discussion groups, and online components.

FAA 102   Design Beyond Boundaries   credit: 3 Hours.

This class surveys core issues and methods across a host of design disciplines, including industrial design, graphic design, interaction design, exhibition design, theatrical design, choreography, landscape architecture, and architecture. It explores the mindsets and methods with which designers develop innovative, user-oriented solutions to complex and persistent problems. Working individually and in diverse teams, students will deploy design process and design thinking to identify existing needs, frame and reframe problems, and ideate, iterate, and test original design solutions that defy conventional categories.

FAA 110   Exploring Arts and Creativity   credit: 3 Hours.

High and street art, tradition and experimentation, the familiar and unfamiliar, international and American creativity provide this course's foundation. Students will attend performances and exhibitions, interact with artists, and examine core issues associated with the creative process in our increasingly complex global society. Faculty from the arts, sciences, humanities, and other domains will lead students through visual arts, music, dance, and theatre experiences at Krannert Center and Krannert Art Museum to spark investigation and dialogue.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:
Humanities - Lit & Arts

FAA 199   Undergraduate Open Seminar   credit: 0 to 3 Hours.

Various special topics in Fine and Applied Arts. See class schedule for offerings. Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule. Approved for Letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in the same or separate semesters to a maximum of 6 hours if topics vary; some restrictions may apply.

FAA 202   Artsful Teaching through Integ   credit: 3 Hours.

Designed to provide elementary education majors with a philosophical and practical basis for integrating the arts [including visual art, music, & dance] in public schools. Lecture, discussion, arts practices and class activities will focus on the ever expanding role of the arts in children's lives and the role of the teacher in nurturing artistic expressions through the development of skills, processes, and the various knowledges of the multi-modalities of the arts. Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule. Prerequisite: Completion of applicable Teacher Licensure Gateway requirements. Contact College of Education for further information. Admission to the Elementary Teacher Education Program.

FAA 220   Introduction to Fashion   credit: 3 Hours.

Introduction to Fashion will be an overview of the many diverse areas of interest and employment available to someone with and interest in fashion. This course will focus on the development of an individual apparel design process. Other topics include basic garment construction concepts, properties of textiles, fashion illustration, 20th century dress history, manufacturing, trend forecasting, merchandising, and social psychology of dress. May be repeated up to 6 hours in separate terms.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:
Humanities - Lit & Arts

FAA 291   Civic Engagement Seminar   credit: 1 Hour.

Designed to introduce students to community development practices and the participatory approach followed by Action Research.Illinois. Detailed information about the course is available at Enrollment in this class requires attendance in two in-class sessions (one lecture, one discussion) and a two-day outreach event in Central Illinois, dates to be determined. Outreach event begins at 9 am Friday and ends by 9 pm Saturday. Lecture, discussion and outreach event will be offered with the one-week course period to be determined. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 2 hours.

FAA 299   FAA Study Abroad   credit: 0 to 18 Hours.

Provides campus credit for foreign study and/or travel. A detailed proposal for study abroad must be submitted for approval by the appropriate committee of the department in which the student is studying and the college dean's office prior to such study abroad. Final determination of credit and its application toward the degree is made after a review of the student's work abroad by the above committee and college office. Approved for letter and S/U grading. May be repeated to a maximum of 36 hours. (summer session, 0 to 6 undergraduate hours). Prerequisite: Approval of the student's proposal by the departmental committee and the college office.

FAA 310   FAA Professional Development   credit: 2 Hours.

Focuses on tailoring written, verbal, and online presentations to targeted audiences. Students will develop an application package including resume, letter, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, interview skills, and website. Course information: Prerequisite: Sophomore, junior or senior standing in FAA is required.

FAA 391   Action Research Seminar   credit: 3 Hours.

Introduction to applied action research within the social sciences and humanities with the subject of research selected from partner organizations in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and surrounding communities. Students establish a research question, conduct fieldwork using qualitative and/or quantitative methods, and complete a project of sufficient quality for publication or presentation. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours in subsequent terms. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor.

FAA 399   Special Topics   credit: 3 Hours.

Various special topics in Fine and Applied Arts. See class schedule for offerings. Approved for Letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in the same or separate semesters to a maximum of 6 hours if topics vary; with permission of the unit advisor.

FAA 499   Special Topics   credit: 0 to 4 Hours.

Special topics in subject areas within the College of Fine and Applied Arts intended to augment the existing curriculum. 0 to 4 undergraduate hours. 0 to 4 graduate hours. Approved for letter and S/U grading. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credit hours in separate terms if topics vary.