Ed Policy, Org & Ldership (EPOL)

EPOL Class Schedule


EPOL 350   Social Learning and Knowledge   credit: 3 Hours.

This course explores how we access and generate knowledge. In formal education, the legacy classroom is also being augmented with technology or replaced entirely with online learning. Across a wide range of domains of knowledge, the traditional separations between knowledge producers (experts or teachers) and knowledge consumers (everyday citizens or students) are undergoing transformation. In this course you will be exposed to the changing landscape of knowledge and learning through a hands-on experience of collaborative knowledge production and learning. Issues and concepts to be addressed include Web 2.0, participatory media, peer-to-peer knowledge networks, 'the commons', informal online learning, and the dynamics of formal e-learning ecologies.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:
UIUC: Advanced Composition
UIUC: Social Sciences

EPOL 585   Ethnographic Methods in Educ   credit: 4 Hours.

This course focuses on goals, nature, and methodological means of ethnographic research in educational settings broadly defined. Such research aims to describe and, moreover, to understand the ways of living of teachers, students, administrators, parents, and other participants in relevant social spaces. The class will be grounded in the disciplinary perspectives of cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural studies. We will have an ongoing discussion of how one conducts ethnographic research, and all members of the class will conduct their own mini-study. 4 graduate hours. No professional credit.