Social Work Minor

for the Minor in Social Work

school office: 1010 W. Nevada St., Urbana, IL 61801

director of BSW Program: Brenda Lindsey


phone: (217) 244-5246


school website:

school faculty: School of Social Work Faculty

overview of school admissions & requirements: School of Social Work

The Social Work Minor is designed for students interested in combining a primary academic area with social welfare and professional social work content. It emphasizes synthesis and application of social work theories, policies and research in the development of comprehensive solutions to major social problems.E-mail:

Minor required courses:12
Introduction to Social Work
Diversity: Identities & Issues
Social Welfare Pol and Svcs
HBSE I: Human Development
Choose Two:6
Death & Dying
Asian Families in America
UG Research Assistance
Social Work Services for Older Adults
Social Entre & Social Change
International Perspectives
Social Work and the Military
Social Work and Disability Studies
Current Topics in Social Work
Hispanics in the U.S.
Child Welfare Issues & Trends
Independent Study
Subst Use in Social Context
Intl SW & Development
Social Work with Women
Undergraduate Research Abroad
UG Research Project
Total Hours18