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Polymer science and engineering is a broad, interdisciplinary field that brings together various aspects of chemistry, physics, and engineering for the understanding, development, and application of the materials science of polymers. Many of the existing engineering programs provide a good foundation for work in polymer science and engineering. However, the undergraduate student needs additional courses specifically dealing with the science and engineering of large molecules. With such a background, the student should be able to progress rapidly in industry or at the graduate level. In addition to those students specifically desiring a career in polymers, this minor also can be valuable to students interested in the development, design, and application of materials in general.

The courses listed below have been selected specifically to give an undergraduate student a strong background in polymer science and engineering. A minimum of eight courses is required, including 3 Core courses, one course each in thermodynamics, mechanical properties, and chemistry and two additional polymer-related courses, as listed below. Several of these the student would normally take to satisfy the requirements of the basic degree. The student should consult the Department of Materials Science and Engineering when formulating a plan of course work.The following courses are required. Credit hours will exceed 25 if a Thermodynamics course-pair option is chosen.

Core Course Work
MSE 450Polymer Science & Engineering3-4
or CHBE 456 Polymer Science & Engineering
MSE 452Polymer Laboratory3
MSE 453Plastics Engineering3
Thermodynamics: one course (or a course pair) chosen from an approved list 13-8
TAM 251Introductory Solid Mechanics (Mechanical Properties)3
CHEM 236Fundamental Organic Chem I (Chemistry)4
Polymer-Related Course Work: two courses chosen from an approved list. 26
Total Hours25-30

For more information, visit the Polymer Science and Engineering minor website, contact the MatSE Department Office (201 MSEB, (217)-333-1441, matse@illinois.edu), or visit the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, 206 Engineering Hall.