Learning Outcomes: Media & Cinema Studies, BS

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Media & Cinema Studies

Student Learning Outcomes: Students in Media and Cinema Studies will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of media and cinema studies’ subject matter areas.
    1. Students demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field by accurately identifying and defining the subject matter areas of media and cinema studies.
  2. Demonstrate a comprehension of foundational media and cinema studies’theories and concepts.
    1. Students can identify, use, and relate key concepts and frameworks that are central to the field.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
    1. Students can reflexively apply concepts and frameworks to promote inquiry, understanding,and solutions.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate media representations in relation to social justice issues.
    1. Students apply methods to demonstrate, through a production-based activity,how representations are connected to social, political, economic, and cultural issues. 
  5. Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to successfully communicate ideas and outcomes of creative research across a range of modalities.
    1. Students present their senior projects using at least two different platforms.