Cinema Studies Concentration

Required Major Courses:15
MACS 261Survey of World Cinema I3
MACS 262Survey of World Cinema II3
MACS 361Film Theory and Criticism3
Select ONE of these Non-US Cinema Courses:
MACS 207Indian Cinema in Context3
MACS 419Russian & East European Film3
MACS 466Japanese Cinema3
MACS 470Topics in Italian Cinema3
MACS 490Green Screen: Film and Nature3
MACS 492Scandinavian Cinema3
MACS 493German Cinema I3
MACS 494German Cinema II3
ITAL 270Introduction to Italian Cinema3
ANTH 266African Film and Society3
Select ONE of these Identity, Culture, and Politics Courses:
MACS 211Intro to African-American Film3
MACS 250Latina/os on the Bronze Screen3
MACS 275Am Indian and Indigenous Film3
MACS 335Film, TV, and Gender3
MACS 356Sex & Gender in Popular Media3
MACS 365Asian American Media and Film3
MACS 375Latina/o Media in the US3
MACS 381Black Women and Film3
MACS 432Commodifying Difference3
MACS 461Politics of Popular Culture3
AAS 120Intro to Asian Am Pop Culture3
ENGL 272Minority Images in Amer Film3
Sequence Elective Requirements6-7
Select TWO courses from the following Media Studies core requirements:
MACS 264Creative and Information Economies4
MACS 317Media History3
MACS 320Popular Culture3
MACS 331Media and Democracy3
MACS 351Social Aspects of Media3
MACS 410Media Ethics3
College of Media Electives21-30
Students must earn at least 44 hours in the College of Media. Remaining hours are completed with ADV, AGCM, JOUR, MACS, or MDIA electives.
Required Area of Study or Minor outside the College of Media72
In addition to the 44+ hours within the College described above, students must complete at least 18 hours in one or 9 hours in two approved areas outside of the College of Media, such as African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Asian American Studies, Economics, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, Latina/o Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Non-English Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Regional Area Studies, Communication, or Sociology. A university-approved minor that requires at least 18 hours may substitute for this requirement. Courses may, if they qualify, also count against the requirement for advanced hours outside the College.
Advanced Hours Requirement
At least 20 hours in courses numbered 200 or above. These courses must be outside and not cross-listed with the College of Media. At least 9 of the 20 hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above.
124 total hours are required for graduation