Learning Outcomes: Spanish, BALAS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Spanish

  1. Intellectual Reasoning and Knowledge
    • Definition: Students of Spanish will acquire and apply broad and deep knowledge about the Spanish language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.
  2. Translingual competence
    • Definition: Students of Spanish will understand and analyze the nature of the Spanish language, “languages” in general, the social nature of languages and demonstrate intercultural communicative competence.
  3. Transcultural competence
    • Definition: Through critical reflection, students of Spanish will understand and analyze the products, practices and perspectives of their own culture, cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and the nature of “culture” itself.
  4. Communicative Competence in Spanish
    • Definition: In reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking, students will acquire advanced proficiency in Spanish as described by the standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).