Turkish Studies Minor

for the Minor in Turkish Studies

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Language Requirement 16
Advanced Turkish I
Advanced Turkish II
Turkish Language & Culture3
Language and Culture in Turkey
Additional Courses related to Turkey/Ottoman Empire9
Chosen from the following list or from other applicable courses in consultation with the minor advisor:
Transnational Islam, Europe-US
Modern Europe
Europe and the Mediterranean
History of Islamic Middle East
Middle East 1566-1914
Middle East Since World War I
The Modern Balkans through Literature and Film
Special Topics (when focused on Turkey)
The Ottoman Empire
The Balkans
Language & Minorities in Europe
Regional Studies in Musicology (when focused on Turkey)
The New Middle East
Gov & Pol of Middle East
REL 213
Introduction to Islam
The Qur'an (Koran)
Women in Muslim Societies
Islam & Politics in Mid. East
Islamic Law
Muslim-Christian Interactions
Introduction to Eastern Europe
Middle Eastern Societies & Cultures
Study Abroad course(s) relevant to Turkey (maximum of 3 hours; must be approved by the advisor)
Special Topics in Turkish
Total Hours18