Teacher Education Minor in English as a Second Language

for the Teacher Education Minor in English as a Second Language

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For those in another teacher education curriculum who want to prepare themselves to gain an ESL approval on their teacher's certificate related to their major field. Teacher education minors are available only to students seeking to add additional teaching fields to their teaching majors.

Students are advised that additional course work is necessary to teach middle grades six through eight. Consult the certification officer at 505 East Green suite 203 for additional information. 

Select one of the following:2
TESL in the Elementary School
TESL in the Secondary School
EIL 422Engl Grammar for ESL Teachers3
EIL 411Intro to TESL Methodology3
Select one of the following:3
Lang and Social Interaction I
Culture in the Classroom
EIL 460Principles of Language Testing3
EIL 488Phonology for Second Language Teachers3
LING 489Theoretical Foundations of SLA3
LING 100Intro to Language Science3
Total Hours23