Science & Technology in Society Minor

for the Minor in Science & Technology in Society

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The Interdisciplinary Minor in Science and Technology in Society requires students to integrate and synthesize a wide variety of materials. Students will enrich their experiences in diverse disciplines with a substantive engagement with science studies. Required courses in the minor emphasize critical and creative thinking and many courses require substantial writing and research. This minor is administered by the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office.

All courses must be selected in consultation with the adviser from the list of courses approved for the minor. No more than 3 hours of course work may be 100-level. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in course work in the minor.

Select one of the following:3
Honors Independent Study
Individual Study
Individual Study
300- and 400-level courses6
History course selected in consultation with adviser3
Philosophy course selected in consultation with adviser3
Sociology course selected in consultation with adviser3
Select a course from the approved list in consultation with adviser3
Total Hours21

Recommended courses to fulfill the requirements of the minor

HIST 265Science in Western Culture3
HIST 367History of Western Medicine3
HIST 498Research and Writing Seminar (when appropriate)3
HIST 475Formation of US Public Health3
PHIL 214Biomedical Ethics3
PHIL 270Philosophy of Science3
PHYS/PHIL 419Space, Time, and Matter-ACP3
PHIL 439Philosophy of Mathematics3
PHIL 471Contemporary Phil of Science3
PHIL 477Philosophy of Psychology3
SOC 350Technology and Society3
CHLH 456Organization of Health Care2 to 4
SOC 496Advanced Topics in Sociology (when appropriate)3
GWS 490Individual Study (when appropriate)2-4