Scandinavian Studies Minor

for the Minor in Scandinavian Studies

The Minor in Scandinavian Studies offers students exposure to the study of a Scandinavian language and broad knowledge of Scandinavian culture, literature, film, art, and history.  Prerequisite: SCAN 101 or the equivalent.


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SCAN 102Beginning Scandinavian II0-4
Any of the following, with at least 6 credits at the 300- or 400-level18-22
Intermediate Scandinavian I
Intermediate Scandinavian II
SCAN 110
Madness, Myth, and Murder
Vikings to Volvos: Scandinavia
SCAN 240
Viking Mythology
Viking Sagas in Translation
Old Norse - Icelandic I
Old Norse - Icelandic II
Children and Youth Literature
Modern Scandinavian Drama
Imagining the Welfare State
Kierkegaard and the Self
Green Screen: Film and Nature
Scandinavian Cinema
Topics in Scan Languages
Special Topics in Scan Studies