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The minor in psychology should be tailored to each student's individual needs. The Psychology minor is suitable for students who intend to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields including business, medicine, law, political science, and education. Students should work with their major advisor to determine the Psychology courses that best fit their interests and career goals.

PSYC 100Intro Psych 13-4
PSYC 235Intro to Statistics (or equivalent) 23
Biological/Cognitive Psychology Course3
Select one from the following:
Intro to Brain and Cognition
Behavioral Neuroscience
Images of Mind
Cognitive Psych
Perception & Sensory Processes
Learning and Memory
Clinical/Developmental/Social Psychology Course3
Select one from the following:
Intro to Social Psych
Child Psych
Psychopathology and Problems in Living
Community Psych
Industrial Org Psych
Psych of Personality
Select two 300- or 400- level Psychology courses6
Total Hours18-19

The Psychology Minor requires 18 hours of Psychology courses. PSYC 290, PSYC 340, PSYC 341, PSYC 398, PSYC 492, PSYC 494, PSYC 495PSYC 498, and PSYC 499 credit hours cannot be counted toward the minor requirement.