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for the Minor in Mathematics

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Students must complete MATH 241, and at least one 400-level MATH course for admission into the minor. The Mathematics minor is designed to prepare students majoring in some other discipline with a background in mathematics that is both broad and deep. Students interested in pursuing the minor should have completed the calculus sequence through MATH 241, and one additional Math course at the 400-level demonstrating a strong record of success in college-level mathematics courses. Given the cumulative character of mathematics preparation, students earning grades of C or below in previous mathematics courses are advised not to pursue the minor.

MATH 241Calculus III4
Completed in one of two ways:15
Fundamental Mathematics (and four courses chosen from at least two of the following lists of courses)
five courses chosen from at least two of the following lists of courses.
Linear Algebra with Financial Applications (formerly MATH 410)
Applied Linear Algebra
Abstract Linear Algebra
Intro to Abstract Algebra
Intro to Abstract Algebra II
Honors Abstract Algebra
Number Theory
Discrete Mathematics
Graph Theory
Intro to Combinatorics
Mathematical Logic
Linear Programming
Intro Differential Systems
Intro Differential Equations
Intro to Differential Eq Plus
Honors Real Analysis
Honors Advanced Analysis
Differential Equations
Intro Partial Diff Equations
Elementary Real Analysis
Applied Complex Variables
Real Variables
Complex Variables
Numerical Analysis
Nonlinear Programming
Advanced Engineering Math
Dynamics & Differential Eqns
Non Euclidean Geometry
Euclidean Geometry
Differential Geometry
Honors Topics in Mathematics
Set Theory and Topology
Vector and Tensor Analysis
Probability and Statistics
Probability Theory
Statistics and Probability I
Statistics and Probability II 1
Methods of Applied Statistics
Total Hours19