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for the Minor in Linguistics

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The Linguistics Minor is designed for students who seek a basic familiarity with the field and is especially suited for students with majors in foreign language and other language-related fields such as anthropology, computer science, English, psychology, communication, and for anyone interested in the nature of language.

LING 100Intro to Language Science3
Select two of the following:6
Elements of Syntax
Elements of Phonology
Elmnts Semantics & Pragmatics
Nine additional hours of linguistics courses, including at least six hours chosen from the following:9
Elements of Syntax (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Elements of Phonology (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Elmnts Semantics & Pragmatics (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Language History
Language, Mind, and Brain
American Voices: Linguistic Diversity in the US
Intro to Linguistic Structure
Intro to General Phonetics
Introduction to Computational Linguistics