Linguistics Minor

for the Minor in Linguistics

The Linguistics Minor is designed for students who seek a basic familiarity with the field and is especially suited for students with majors in foreign language and other language-related fields such as anthropology, computer science, English, psychology, communication, and for anyone interested in the nature of language.

For advising information please visit the Linguistics advising page.

LING 100Intro to Language Science3
Select two of the following:6
Elements of Syntax
Elements of Phonology
Elmnts Semantics & Pragmatics
Nine additional hours of linguistics courses, including at least six hours chosen from the following:9
Elements of Syntax (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Elements of Phonology (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Elmnts Semantics & Pragmatics (if not chosen for the second requirement above)
Language History
Language, Mind, and Brain
Language Diversity in the USA
Intro to Linguistic Structure
Intro to General Phonetics
Intro to Computational Ling