LGBT/Queer Studies Minor

for the Minor in LGBT/Queer Studies

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The LGBT/Queer Studies minor provides students the opportunity to explore how various political, social, and cultural definitions of sexual identities and their expression have been constructed and challenged in different places and points in time. Attention is given to queer politics, and interactions with nation, race, ethnicity, and gender. A minor in LGBT/Queer Studies provides complementary tools for many majors in the humanities, arts and sciences.

The Department of Gender and Women's Studies must approve a student's minor course plan. Students must register their minor with the Gender and Women's Studies advisor.

GWS 202Sexualities3
or GWS 255 Queer Lives, Queer Politics
GWS 370Queer Theory3
Additional Coursework- Select three of the following: 19
Lesbian/Queer Media Cultures
Transnational Sexualities
History of Sexuality in U.S.
Gender, Sex, & Postcoloniality
Locating Queer Culture
Transgender Studies
Sex, Power and Politics
Area electives at any level. For a list of approved courses contact the GWS Department office or the GWS advisor.3
Total Hours18

At least 6 hours of advanced coursework must be distinct from credit earned for the student's major or another minor.

Students may choose to major in Gender & Women's Studies and Minor in LGBT/Queer Studies, but classes may not count towards both.