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for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American Studies

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The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor for students majoring in another discipline. The minor in Latin American Studies consists of a total of 21 credit hours selected from offerings by the Center and various departments. This program must be approved by the Associate Director.

The minor is for those students who wish to concentrate their work in a specific discipline yet maintain a Latin American focus in their coursework. For students completing a major sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the department or unit sponsoring the student's major must approve the minor.

Two courses in a Latin American language (Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua or other Native American language indigenous to Middle or South America) beyond the level specified by the LAS language requirement, or the equivalent as demonstrated by special examination. At the end of their language study, all students are urged to take an oral proficiency test based on ACTFL guidelines.5-6
Courses drawn from the Latin American Studies curriculum. The curriculum normally consists of courses with 50 percent or more Latin American content and is defined according to a list maintained and regularly updated by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Courses include:15-16
Introduction to Latin America
No more than 6 hours chosen from a single department
Six hours of 300- to 400-level course offerings
No more than 6 hours of literature
Total Hours21