Integrative Biology Minor

for the Minor in Integrative Biology

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The minor, administered by the School of Integrative Biology, is designed for students intending to have a career in a field other than biology, but for whom a background in biology is nevertheless complementary, e.g. law, technology, bioinformatics, business, scientific writing, and engineering. A minor in integrative biology provides an understanding of fundamental principles for one major subdiscipline of biology, whether this be organismal and evolutionary biology; behavior, ecology and the environment; or integrative anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology.

Select one of the following:4
Organismal & Evolutionary Biol
Introduction to Plant Biology
Animal Biology
Select two of the following:6-8
Two additional courses at the 300 or 400 level (3-4 hours, some 5 hours) selected from the IB Area Courses. The prerequisite course(s) must be taken if specified by an advanced course. 6-8
Total Hours16-20

Other possible combinations of courses are possible for the Integrative Biology minor, if an SIB advisor approves the combination.