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The minor in German offers students a background in the language through the advanced undergraduate level, an introduction to the study of German literary classics, and a knowledge of the history of German culture.

GER 211Conversation and Writing I3
GER 420German Cultural History4
Elective courses, including at least one 300- or 400-level course from the list below:11-12
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
German Popular Culture
Germany and Europe
Conversation and Writing II
Grimms' Fairy Tales - ACP
Grimm's Fairy Tales in Context
The Holocaust in Context - ACP
The Holocaust in Context
Sexuality and Literature
Intro to German Literature
German Literature and Culture
Global Issues in German
Politics of the European Union
German-English Translation: Theory & Practice
Ling Structures of German
Middle Ages to Baroque
Enlightenment to Romanticism
Realism to Expressionism
1920s to Today
German Cinema I
German Cinema II
Total Hours18-19