Geography & Geographic Information Science Minor

for the Minor in Geography & GIS

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The minor in Geography and GIS will expose students to a comprehensive selection of courses embracing our three broad areas of study: human geography, physical/environmental geography, and geographic information science. Students select 6 hours at the 100 level, then 3 hours each from the human, physical/environmental, and geospatial sub-disciplines (as listed below), and then 3 additional hours from any of the three sub-disciplines for a total of 18 credits.  At least 6 hours total must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Two courses selected from the following:6
Introduction to Meteorology
Global Development&Environment
Earth's Physical Systems
Social and Cultural Geography
The Digital Earth
Geographies of Globalization
Geographies of Global Conflict
One course in human geography, selected from the following:3
Cities of the World
Business Location Decisions
Environmental Data Science
American People, Places, & Environments
Sustainability and the City
Sustainable Development in South Asia
Population Geography
Geography Field Course
Green Development
Geography of Health Care
Geog of Sub-Saharn Africa
Transportation & Sustainability
Environmental Policy
Recent Trends in Geog Thought
Urban Geography
Cities, Crime, and Space
One course in physical/environmental geography, selected from the following:3
Social & Environmental Issues
Big Rivers of the World
Water Planet, Water Crisis
Watershed Hydrology
Geography Field Course
Fluvial Geomorphology
Humans and River Systems
Geospatial Tech & Society
Climate & Social Vulnerability
One course in geographic information science, selected from the following:3
Spatial Analysis
Intro to GIS Systems
GIS II: Spatial Prob Solving
Geospatial Tech & Society
Business Applications of GIS
Health Applications of GIS
Aerial Photo Analysis
Biological Modeling
Digital Cartography & Map Design
Applied GIS to Environ Studies
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Techniques of Remote Sensing
Advanced Topics in GIS
Principles of GIS
One 200-400 level course selected from any of the above.3
Total Hours18

At least 6 hours total must be at the 300 or 400 level.