Geography & Geographic Information Science Minor

for the Minor in Geography & GIS

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The minor in Geography and GIS will expose students to a comprehensive selection of courses embracing our three broad areas of study: human geography, physical/environmental geography, and geographic information science. Students select 6 hours at the 100 level, then 3 hours each from the human, physical/environmental, and geospatial sub-disciplines (as listed below), and then 3 additional hours from any of the three sub-disciplines for a total of 18 credits.  At least 6 hours total must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Two courses selected from the following:6
Introduction to Meteorology
Global Development&Environment
Earth's Physical Systems
Social and Cultural Geography
The Digital Earth
Geographies of Globalization
Geographies of Global Conflict
One course in human geography, selected from the following:3
Cities of the World
Business Location Decisions
Geog Patterns of Illinois
GEOG 310
Sustainability and the City
Sustainable Development in South Asia
Population Geography
Geography Field Course
Green Development
Geography of Health Care
Geog of Sub-Saharn Africa
Transportation & Sustainability
Environmental Policy
Recent Trends in Geog Thought
Urban Geography
Cities, Crime, and Space
One course in physical/environmental geography, selected from the following:3
Social & Environmental Issues
GEOG 215
Big Rivers of the World
Water Planet, Water Crisis
GEOG 381
Watershed Hydrology
Geography Field Course
Fluvial Geomorphology
Humans and River Systems
Geospatial Tech & Society
GEOG 481
Democracy and Environment
Climate & Social Vulnerability
One course in geographic information science, selected from the following:3
Spatial Analysis
Intro to GIS Systems
GIS II: Spatial Prob Solving
Geospatial Tech & Society
Business Applications of GIS
Health Applications of GIS
Aerial Photo Analysis
Biological Modeling
Digital Cartography & Map Design
Applied GIS to Environ Studies
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Techniques of Remote Sensing
Advanced Topics in GIS
Principles of GIS
One 200-400 level course selected from any of the above.3
Total Hours18

At least 6 hours total must be at the 300 or 400 level.