Gender & Women's Studies Minor

for the Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

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A minor in GWS provides complementary tools for many majors in the humanities, arts and sciences. The minor advocates actively reading, questioning, challenging, and understanding racialized, sexualized, and gendered bodies. The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies must approve a student's minor course plan. Students must register their minor with the Gender and Women's Studies advisor.

Select two of the following:6
Race, Gender & Power
Feminist & Gender Theory
Additional Coursework- At least 9 additional hours of coursework offered by the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at the 300- or 400-level. Required courses consist of a selected list of courses offered by the Department of Gender & Women's Studies; they are on an approved list maintained in the department office and with the GWS advisor. 19
3 hours of area electives at any level. For a list of approved courses contact the GWS department office or the GWS advisor.3
Total Hours18

At least 6 hours of advanced coursework must be distinct from credit earned for the student's major or another minor.