Criminology, Law, & Society Minor

for the Minor in Criminology, Law, & Society

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Criminology, Law, and Society provides a foundation for students seeking to supplement their major area of study, to develop knowledge and skills needed for criminological, law, and justice related occupations, or to lay foundation for law school or graduate study in sociology, criminology, or justice fields. Students take a range of sociology courses that provide theoretical and practical knowledge while exposing students to current sociological, legal, and justice issues. 

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology3-4
or SOC 163 Social Problems
SOC 275Criminology3
One of the following courses:3
Sociology of Law
Law and Society- ACP
Law and Society 1
Choose three courses from the following (9 hours minimum); at least 3 hours must be at the 300- or 400-level:9
Sociology of Gender
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Deviance
Social Inequality
Criminal Justice System
Sociology of Law 1
Individual Study 2
Topics in Sociology 2
Internships 2
Law and Society- ACP 1
Law and Society
Advanced Independent Study 2
Advanced Topics in Sociology 2
Total Hours18