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The Creative Writing minor, administered by the Department of English’s Creative Writing Program, is designed to augment majors from all over campus with a program of small workshops (poetry or fiction) and a variety of other writing, literature, and film courses. The result should be the development of a range of analytical and creative skills that will enrich the undergraduate experience and help prepare students for work in any number of fields.

CW 100Intro to Creative Writing3
Creative Writing Coursework9
Students complete 9 hours of creative writing coursework by choosing one of the following 3-course (9-hour) sequences:
Poetry Workshop I
Poetry Workshop II
Poetry Workshop III
Fiction Workshop I
Fiction Workshop II
Fiction Workshop III
Approved Electives6
Students complete 6 hours of coursework in any of the following areas (a minimum of 3 hours must be at the advanced 300 /400 level):
Any ENGL or CW course
The Rhetorical Tradition
Rhetorical Criticism
In-Depth Writing Styles
Introduction to Playwriting
Total Hours18