Astronomy Minor, UG

for the Undergraduate Minor in Astronomy

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The minor in astronomy is designed to broaden the student's knowledge of science and our place in the universe. The minor in Astronomy will benefit especially those students who are eager to learn astronomy but who do not anticipate it to be their career. The Astronomy minor is also suitable for students who intend to pursue careers in areas that may benefit from a good knowledge of astronomy such as aerospace industry, science writing, scientific journalism, or science teaching in schools.

Basic Astronomy
Select one of the following:3-6
Introduction to Astronomy 1
Solar System and Worlds Beyond
and Stars and Galaxies 1
Introduction to Astrophysics
Advanced Astronomy
300- or 400-level courses taught by the Department of Astronomy 29
Courses at any level taught by the Department of Astronomy 23-6
Minimum total hours18

Credit not granted for both ASTR 100 and the ASTR 121/ASTR 122 sequence.


No more than 4 hours of ASTR 390 will be counted towards the minor.