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American Indian Studies (AIS) prepares students in a range of methodologies, theories, technologies, and teaching approaches that compliments a thorough undergraduate education.

Specifically, an undergraduate minor is designed to assist students in preparing for graduate school or for careers in a variety of pursuits including public and business administration, education, public relations, marketing, politics, and government, especially as they relate to American Indian and Native American constituencies. Career opportunities also exist in agencies such as Indian Health Services, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Bureau of Land Management.

For many, AIS is an ideal minor that presents a critical and intellectual foundation for success in an increasingly challenging world.

American Indian Studies (AIS) is an interdisciplinary program with four subject areas:

  1. Culture, Identity, Ethics, and Community
  2. Sovereignty, Governance, and Politics
  3. Literature, Language, and Performance
  4. Colonialism, Decolonization, and Indigeneity

The courses chosen must form a coherent program of study and be approved by an AIS advisor.

Foundation Courses
AIS 101Intro to Amer Indian Studies3
AIS 102Contemp Issues in Ind Country3
Subject Area Courses
Students must complete 12 hours selected from 3 of the 4 subject areas.12
Culture, Identity, Ethics, and Community
Native Religious Traditions
Lang & Culture Native North Am
American Indians of Illinois
Sovereignty, Governance, and Politics
US Citizenship Comparatively
Encounters in Native America
Native American History
Intro to Federal Indian Policy
Indigenous Governance
Literature, Language, and Performance
Intro to American Indian Lit
Am Indian and Indigenous Film
Politics in Children's Lit
Topics in American Indian Lit
Politics of Popular Culture
Colonialism, Decolonization, and Indigeneity
Indigenous Thinkers
History of American Indian Education
Total Hours18

Only three courses (9 hours total) at the 100-level may be counted toward the minor.  Students also are required to complete two courses (6 hours) at the 300- or 400-level.  These advanced course credits must be distinct from credit earned for the student’s major or another minor