Interdisciplinary Minor in African Studies

for the Interdisciplinary Minor in African Studies

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The Center for African Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor as a complement to any major. The 20 hours selected by students for the African studies minor should form a coherent program of study. This program must be approved by the Center for African Studies. The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will verify that the student has completed the program on the recommendation of the Director of the Center for African Studies and on completion of the requirements below.


Study of an indigenous African Language. Acceptable languages include but are not limited to Arabic, Bamana, Lingala, Swahili, Wolof, and Zulu. 5
African Studies core courses. These courses contain a minimum of 50 percent African content and are defined according to a list maintained and regularly updated by the Center for African Studies. Courses completed to satisfy the core must come from at least 3 separate departments and must include the following three components:
Course-work surverying the continent. Choose one of the following:3
Introduction to Modern African Literature
Introduction to Modern Africa
Economic Systems in Africa
History of Africa to 1800
History of Africa from 1800
Africa in World Perspective
300- or 400-level core courses. Language courses cannot be used to meet this requirement.6
Additional core courses at any level. African language courses may be used to satisfy this requirement if they are at the advanced level (fifth semester or higher). Only 3 hours of AFST 199 may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor.6
Total Hours20