Learning Outcomes: Integrative Biology, BSLAS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Integrative Biology

By the time they graduate, an Integrative Biology major should:

Content-related understandings

  1. Possess a significant knowledge base in Integrative Biology, including but not limited to:
    1. Structure and function
    2. Ecology
    3. Genetics
    4. Evolution
    5. Molecular biology
    6. Statistical inference   
  2. Understand that biology is integrative and multidisciplinary
  3. Show curiosity and caring about biology, and an awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of life
  4. Understand how paradigms of biology relate to society and policy as well as their own lives


  1. Carry out the process of scientific inquiry
  2. Use critical thinking skills and solve problems
  3. Use quantitative reasoning and computation skills
  4. Apply simple models (equations/math) to biological phenomena
  5. Gain proficiency in scientific writing and speaking
  6. Read and evaluate primary scientific literature
  7. Critically evaluate science-related news and information
  8. Work collaboratively