Learning Outcomes: Global Studies, BALAS

Learning outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Global Studies

Student Learning Outcomes: LAS Global Studies strongly supports the campus-wide Student Learning Outcomes as recognized by the Office of the Provost Committee on Student Learning Outcomes. Global Studies majors will be able to: 

  1. Global Consciousness is not only our most important learning outcome, it is one that we extend beyond its definition in the 2017 SLOs.
    1. Our majors will discover how complex, interdependent global systems—natural, environmental, social, cultural, economic, and political—affect and are affected by the local identities and ethical choices of individuals and institutions
    2. Beyond that however, they will have developed new skills in in how to research these interconnections 
    3. Required advanced language acquisition and study abroad are indispensable in developing global consciousness.
  2. Creative Inquiry and Discovery is a learning outcome we continue to give an increasing emphasis. 
    1. Our majors will apply knowledge to promote inquiry, discover solutions, and generate new ideas and creative works and beyond that an increasing number will also conduct their own research.
  3. Intellectual Reasoning and Knowledge is produced not only through courses but also through study abroad programs.
  4. Gain Social Awareness and Cultural Understanding as a learning outcome is secured through intensive experiential, cross-cultural learning through coursework, advanced language study and study abroad. 
    1. Study abroad and advanced language acquisition will foster cultural and linguistic immersion, community engagement, intercultural competency and creative inquiry.
    2. Experiential learning can take place in local, national and global settings.
    3. All of these are crucial in developing a critical and reflective orientation toward such social and cultural differences as race, indigeneity, gender, class, sexuality, language, and disability.
  5. Effective Leadership and Community Engagement are important skills our students acquire through developing their ability to make deliberate and independent choices about their intellectual and professional trajectories and through combining coursework and experiential learning with the pursuit of leadership opportunities (such as the Global Studies Leaders), fieldwork, RSO engagement, volunteer opportunities, and internships with governmental and non-governmental organizations.