Learning Outcomes: Germanic Studies, BALAS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Germanic Studies

  1. Language ability: Students develop and improve their foreign language abilities, i.e. their ability to read, speak, write, and listen in German and/or a modern Scandinavian language in order to work with texts and communicate with others in these languages.
  2. Cultural-historical literacy and knowledge: Students develop and improve their ability to function in non-native cultural-historical and linguistic contexts and communities in order to respect and navigate cultural differences and build upon similarities. Furthermore, students will synthesize knowledge relevant to broad cultural and linguistic areas within German and/or Scandinavian studies in order to apply that knowledge toward the other learning outcomes outlined here.
  3. Analytical and argumentative skills: Students develop and improve their abilities to analyze diverse cultural artifacts in order to apply analytical thinking and discursive skills to the construction of sound, supported, factual argumentation rather than merely expression of opinion, completely or in part.
  4. Writing development:  Students will demonstrate and produce well-written, communicative, argumentative, and interpretive texts in German, Swedish, and/or English in order to competently meet diverse writing tasks carried out in any of the relevant languages above. Furthermore, students will be able to carry out various forms of research in support of their writing in order to create more substantive texts, which are also genre appropriate and written for a particular audience.