Foreign Language Teaching

Curricula Preparatory to Teach Foreign Languages

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers curricula for the preparation of teachers of French, German, Latin, and Spanish.

Illinois law requires all candidates for licensure in World Languages pass the appropriate language content-area test prior to student teaching, and an oral proficiency test in their content major language prior to licensure.

A student must have at least 2.5 (A+ = 4.0) cumulative and University of Illinois grade point averages to remain in the teaching option. A student must also maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average in all attempts at content area and pedagogy courses taken at the University of Illinois in order to remain in the teaching option.


Prerequisite to application to the Teaching Option

GPA of 2.5 in all content courses in the intended majors of French, German, Latin, Spanish.

General Education Requirements: Students in the Foreign Language Teaching Curricula of French, German, Latin, and Spanish will be expected to complete the Campus General Education requirements (including the campus general education language requirement).

FLTE 471Introduction to Second Language Teaching4
FLTE 475Learning to Teach World Language4
FLTE 478Secondary World Language Teaching 14
EPS 201Foundations of Education3
EPSY 201Educational Psychology3
SPED 405General Educator's Role in Special Education3
EDPR 442Educational Practice in Secondary Education8
Total Hours29