Learning Outcomes: Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability, BSLAS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Bachelor Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences Major in Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability

  1. Be able to recognize, critique and implement commonly accepted Sustainability models and ideas in a wide variety of settings, using systems thinking to link social and natural science concepts.
  2. Have a fundamental understanding of the underlying natural science (SES concentration) or social science (SAE concentration) concepts; being able to recognize and apply appropriate scientific methods (SES concentration) and social science methods (SAE concentration).
  3. Use quantitative methods to describe, understand and evaluate theoretical and applied issues in environmental and sustainability study; this includes direct calculation, working with data, and using quantitative models.
  4. Be able to critically evaluate and then communicate environmental and sustainability concepts to both specialized and wide audiences.
  5. Prepare students for professional work in environmental and sustainability practice, such as laboratory and field techniques, apprehending and implementing Geographic Information Sciences (including the use of appropriate software), and quantitative and qualitative methods.